She was already an integral piece of her team but now Anna Greer Vandagriff is officially an all-time great at Prince Avenue Christian School.

Vandagriff recently secured her place in Prince Avenue Christian volleyball history by becoming the first Lady Wolverine to reach 1,000 career kills.

Her accomplishment came at a tournament on Sept. 18, but Vandagriff and head coach Morgan Garretson did not know until the next week when the stats were tallied.

“Whenever she first told me, I just had a sigh of relief knowing that all my hard work had paid off and I had finally got to my goal,” Vandagriff said. “I have been trying to reach this since I was a freshman. But I finally got there and all my work had paid off.”

The accomplishment excited Garretson because of the hours and dedication put into the game. She sees it as a byproduct of Vandagriff’s hard work.

But even with the accomplishment, Vandagriff isn’t done yet. She wants to keep playing through her senior season and add to her achievement.

“As an athlete, I’m not really content with where I am ever so I know even though I’ve reached 1,000 kills, it’s going to push me even more to get 1,500,” Vandagriff said. “I’m going to keep pushing and keep pushing my teammates and they’re going to cheer me on as I do that.”

Not only did she make individual history, but Vandagriff and Garretson are on their way to making history with the entire program and secure one of the team’s best-ever regular season finishes.

With a record of 28-7 and two remaining matches as of Oct. 4, the Lady Wolverines have already solidified their best finish since 2014. Garretson, only in her second year with the program, has already shown where she can take it with the help of Vandagriff, even as she prepares to graduate next spring.

“I definitely think she’s changed the face of this program. She’s taken it to a different level and I do appreciate that from a coaching standpoint but also from someone building a program,” Garretson said. “She has set an example for us and for these kids and she’s leaving a legacy of, ‘This is what excellence looks like.’ Not only currently but then continuing to pursue that excellence so she’s laying that foundation in her years here for the people under her to learn from and grow from.”

Vandagriff credits her club coach at A5 for much of her improvement in the recent offseason.

“My previous coach on the 17s team, his name is Jing, he just really helped me find my technique,” Vandagriff said. “Just helped me with my technique and really placing the ball, and that helped me score effectively this year.”

Her work in the offseason led Vandagriff to more than just a place in Prince history.

She leads the entirety of Class A-Private in kills with 420 on the season. Out of all classes in the state, that ranks her fourth in kills.

Still, she has one certain goal for this season: to win the region for the first time in her high school career and make a mark in state playoffs.

“Make some noise in state, I think that definitely region’s been a goal since day one,” Garretson said. “Athens teams are starting to make a name for themselves beyond this area and that’s something that we just want to go and make some noise there and go as far as we can.”

As Vandagriff gets ready to graduate in 2022, she knows she will leave a legacy at Prince. She wants to encourage her teammates so they can continue making an impact on the Wolverine program.

She wants her teammates to remember her as a hard worker and leader on and off the court because the game is mental as well as physical.

Garretson knows the rest of the Lady Wolverines will remember Vandagriff’s presence. 

“When you're around greatness, it brings out the greatness in you,” Garretson said. “She has that competitive spirit and edge to want to put in that work, which is really rare as well. So I'm just excited for her because even though she's being recognized and reaching all these accomplishments now, she's really just at the beginning of her career.”

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