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County works to restore the clearness in tap water

High manganese levels did not cause a health hazard

Oconee County Administrator Justin Kirouac reported on Tuesday evening that all of the main water lines in the county had been flushed in response to discolorization of water flowing into the system from the Bear Creek Reservoir in Jackson County.

Kirouac said county staff was moving on to the subdivisions and dead end lines, with the expectation most of those will be flushed by the end of the day on Wednesday.

The discolorization is the result of high levels of manganese in the water leaving the reservoir. The Upper Oconee Basin Water Authority, which operates the Bear Creek Water Treatment Plant and Reservoir, completed backwashing of the filters at the plant on Tuesday morning, Kirouac said.

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Lee Becker is a retired journalism professor and resident of Oconee County. A slightly different version of this story originally appeared on his blog,

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