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Oconee neighbors band together to save their lake

By Caitlin Farmer

Nearly 10 years ago, a bench was placed along the bank of the Lake Wildwood dam in the Lake Wildwood, Hillcrest and Tramlin Acres neighborhoods. There, residents enjoyed a grass walkway, but over time, the dam’s edge began to collapse.

In January 2023, the erosion became more rapid, following heavy rains as eight to 12-inch pieces of the dam slipped away at a time. Worried they would lose the 10-acre lake and Hillcrest Drive could become unsafe, a group of neighbors formed a committee to fix it.

Dam repair committee

Residents of Lake Wildwood, Hillcrest and Tramlin Acres neighborhoods joined forces to fix a dam. From left, Dwayne Carlyle, Adrian Herndon, Don Steindl, Bob Tucker, Austin Marable, Myles Carlyle, Steve Perschke and Dennis McDaniel. [Submitted photo]

Committee members Steve Perschke, Adrian Herndon, Don Steindl, Dwayne Carlyle, his son Myles Carlyle, Bob Tucker, Dennis McDaniel and Austin Marable learned that because the lake was private property, the county couldn’t help.

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