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A day of giving back to the community!

Winder Hill Pediatric Dentistry, under the leadership of Dr. John Hansford Jr., is proud to announce a day of giving back to the community! On Saturday, March 16th, Dr. Hansford and his team will offer complimentary dental services to children in need. 


Services for the Event

A comprehensive range of dental services will be available. These services include routine cleanings, preventive sealants, white fillings, durable silver crowns, and extractions with space maintainers. In addition, anesthesia services will also be provided, spanning from local anesthesia (shots in the mouth) to general anesthesia (asleep for dentistry). 

What is the process? Scheduling an appointment or first-come, first-serve?

  • Contact us by phone at 706-306-7112 or email us at to schedule an appointment.
  • All appointments must be arranged in advance
  • Parents must accompany their child and provide legal guardianship documentation.
  • For patients requiring sedation, a prior consultation with Dr. John Hansford is mandatory to ensure approval for office-based anesthesia (OBA).

Who is eligible for these services?

May Dantas, the office manager at Winder Hill Pediatric Dentistry, explains that the services are available to any child aged 1 to 10 years old that may encounter challenges in receiving dental care. This includes individuals covered by Medicaid, those without insurance, as well as children with conditions that may make traditional dental procedures difficult, such as oppositional defiant disorder, Down syndrome, and autism.


Community Efforts for the Free Day

Zaire Dioun Morgan (President of Dental Minority Dawgs; UGA ‘25)

“I’ve always had an affinity for service, and being able to combine it with my dentistry pathway has been fulfilling to say the least. DMD along with other pre-health organizations on campus have come together for social events in order to garner interest for this event and other pre-health related affairs. I hope to be able to showcase the kinship and empathy we pre-health students have here at UGA.”

Tanvi Reddy (Co-Vice President of UGA Pre-Dental & Medical Association; UGA ‘25 ):

“I am thrilled to bring the St. Patrick’s Day spirit and combine it with dentistry. There will be themed attire, coffee for parents, a photo booth, and various games for children. I would love to see children and families leaving this event with a sense of relief and excitement about their new smiles. I hope every patient we serve on this day feels safe, seen, and cared for by Dr. Hansford and our team.”

Dr. Hansford’s Mission & Goals

“One goal of Winder Hill Pediatric Dentistry is to provide care for people who have a hard time accessing dental care or have a hard time at the dentist’s office once they get there,” Dr. Hansford explained.

In expressing his gratitude to collaborators, Dr. Hansford said, “Also, I have to thank Drs. Tradd Harter and Alex Culberson at Classic City Orthodontics. They did the work of finding the office location and constructing it. I’m lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to get to work in the space with them.”


 Dr. John T. Hansford Jr. is a double-board certified specialist in pediatric dentistry and dental anesthesiology. Opinions expressed are those of the writer. Article written by
Tanvi Reddy.

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  1. Maryjo Stanley on March 18, 2024 at 9:50 am

    Thank you to Dr. John T. Hansford Jr. and everyone involved for providing this day of giving back to the community!

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